Friday, 16 December 2016

My last blog post

Hi everyone,
Today is my last blog post at Hay Park school. I just want to say a big thank you to all the teacher mostly my beautiful and awsome teacher Mrs Archer for being a fantastic teacher to Scott class,I have really enjoyed my time at Hay park school I will miss hay park school so much I am nervous to move on to Intermediate  . Here are some photo's at my time at hay park school and trips.

Here we are at the top of Rotoroa Island

We just arrived at Rotoroa Island

Here are some of us with our leavers certificate

Here is Veronica getting on to the Ferry
Here is my photo with my mum and sister at Graduation

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hi everyone,
Yesterday we went to Rotoroa island on a ferry it was a lot of fun, here is my peace of writing I wrote about it I hope you enjoy.

Walking around Rotoroa island, we went to the open space where we could see the whole view of the island, other islands too, it was so much fun we could also see the Coromandel, there was a mussel farm that was trying to  clean the dirty water. The ranger was showing us some bird houses, some of them were different sizes, the smallest bird lived in Small roost. Lot’s of different birds singing on the trees and walking around  like a Tui, Takahe, Weka and a fantail and different kinds of saddle backs.

Live traps were all around the island so that it will get rid of all the pests but not kill them, lots of habitat were around, like the beach, there is also a dam ( pond ) for ducks to go into it’s fresh water and to eat. There was a forest that has a weka that scrape the tree and lays there eggs inside. There was a bucket with a fake skink in it buried in a hole, on top of it was a cardboard paper that was covering it, so how it works is that they put a apple or banana in the bucket and spray it with of of the spray that they can smell when a skink comes it can smell the delicious apple and it comes and eats it and a little while they can check what is in the bucket eating the apple and they put it in a plastic bag that is zipped up.

I learnt that the kiwi’s used to live in Madagascar and they flew over to New Zealand that was when they had wings, When they were in New Zealand they thought about what it would be like to walk on the grass because bird might hurt kiwi’s that is why Kiwi’s are native to new New Zealand. So kiwi’s liked walking on grass so they could hide from their enemies and so all the kiwi’s that lived in Madagascar were killed, we were having a conversation with a male Tui there was three of them on the tree.

The pathways were rocky and sandy there were a lot of plants, one of the plants were if you had rassus you could get rid of it also another plant is if you have a sore tummy and you poop is not getting out you can eat the top of the plant it is really helpful if you have any of it. We walked and walked and walked until we stopped and looked at the symmetry at the open view that was really high I could see all the pohutukawa trees planted in a line.  

Friday, 14 October 2016

Meeting John Carr

Kia Ora everyone, On Tuesday in the hall for assembly we had a visitor that came at Hay Park that wrote books for the SPCA it was John Carr. He came and talked about the books he wrote, first he said this poem that rhymed he said that the teacher would not understand. Then he talked about some books he wrote one was The problem with Sion's Spaghetti, The pumpkin pie and pavlova and others too. Also he showed us how to bounce an egg on his head, he told us if he drops the egg then it is someones fault so he bounced the egg on his head and it fell off his head then it wasn't an real egg. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Week 8 Te Reo Moari

Kia Ora everyone,
In Scott class we have been doing Te Reo Maori with whae Ina on Monday. We had to do a conversation with a buddy using all the words we have learnt, me and Osana worked together as a team to make a conversation we then had to screen castify it to and we had to translate it into English to we have a lot of fun doing it. We could use a photo of a character, Osana and I did a presentation of all of the Te Reo Maori we learnt about here is a link to me and Osana's Te Reo conversation, I hope you enjoy watching it!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Hi everyone,
In Scott class we have been going to life end in a truck just at our school, with our lovey Misstie. We have been looking at some advertisement and what are they trying to persuade us with, we were looking at healthy food there are lot's of things that are healthy. We worked in groups to do our ads , we have been ask to do Advertisements with a healthy object and we would send it to misstie and she chooses the groups that won. Here is me and my groups link to our add. Hope you enjoy,

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tool-kits Day!

Hello everyone,
Yesterday we had a very special and excited day it was the toolkit day May road, Christ the king, Weasly intermediate and Weasly primary, New Windsor, Waikowhai primary came to the tool-kits day . I was a techxpert I really enjoyed helping people that needed help in the staff room, me and Hulita helped people who needed help on stuff I loved joining in with the peoples learning. My highlight of the day was sharing some of the stupeflix we have done, I also liked doing sandpit time with making a google forms and looking in my emails and seeing lot's of forms for me to look at. I had a amazing time selecting the answers for peoples google forms. We had a lot of fun at the toolkits day                                

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Week 4 Dance

Hello Everyone,
Today we went over to the hall to have our last session of dance, with Emily. We first played a game called
freeze when Emily put's on a song we have to dance randomly but when the music say's freeze we have to
freeze whatever Emily say's to freeze in, we had to freeze in a snake, turtle , straight line. After we played
freeze we had a story called Giraffe's can't dance, the Giraffe's names was Harold, when we finished listening to the story we danced like the animals in the jungle that was in the story, we dance liked a rock and roll, tango, Harold the Giraffe and chacha and others too. We then went with a partner and we dance to a spin, in and out , and many more, then we had extra time and we were learning a dance for Worth it, it was fast and a little bit tricky for me other's we good. We went back into a circle and we talked about what we were doing in the last few week's then Emily had our certificates for us to have. We had a lot of fun doing dance.
                                                                   Here are some few photo's of dance

Here is us listening to the story teller

This is Jahleena dancing like Giraffe 

This is Emily and Peeana going down 

This is some of us rolling our heads
This is Vonairay dancing like a Giraffe